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Our instructors are dedicated to creating a supportive and welcoming environment for everyone. They are committed to providing individualised attention to promote your overall wellbeing. Through their expertise and compassion, our instructors create a safe space for you to embark on a transformative journey towards improved physical and mental wellbeing. 

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Khloe's journey into the world of yoga and her passion for holistic well-being began at the age of 17. She finds solace and sanctuary in the profound teachings of yoga and meditation, using these practices to quiet the mind and alleviate anxiety. In yoga, Khloe discovered that we are forever students and each practice is an opportunity for growth and self-discovery. Khloe aims to extend this practice to as many people as possible and help them to increase flexibility, strength and balance while weaving mindfulness into every aspect of their practice.

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Shi Qi

Shi Qi discovered her love for yoga on a meditation retreat in Thailand. She believes yoga is a safe space where we can access our inner peace and seek refuge from the hustle of our daily lives. She hopes to share the joys of going inwards with you, through gentle yoga styles that listen to your body and are suitable for beginners.

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Since young, Ziling has been a very adventurous person. However, she started learning yoga in 2012 hoping to gain more physical strength so as to be able to do a handstand. As her yoga journey progressed, she learnt that yoga is different from exercising and it is more than just about the physical body or movement, but the mind and breathing that helps one to move with ease and heal from within. She hopes others can learn how to relieve stress and remove the mentality of 'no pain no gain' and to focus on learning how to move well and in sync with their body. Ziling also started learning integral sound healing with multiple instruments in 2023 hoping to help people to heal not just physically but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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Cho's passion for mindfulness and authenticity fuels her yoga journey. Yoga has helped her embark on a path of self-discovery and compassion. In her classes, she fosters a supportive atmosphere, free from judgment or comparison. With each breath and movement, she encourages you to find balance and inner peace, which she hopes extends into your daily lives.


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Yoga stole Sujin's heart with its invitation to progress at our own pace. As someone once less active and flexible, Sujin struggled to find a workout that resonated - until she found her haven in yoga. Witnessing her body's evolution fueled her passion to continue. Sujin's goal is to foster a haven where yogis embrace challenges, nurture confidence, and embark on their distinctive journey.


Jing Qi

Jing Qi began practicing yoga in 2014. Since young, she has struggled to resonate with a movement practice that suited her until yoga found her. Ever since, yoga continues to be in all her seasons of life. She believes that yoga is beyond the asanas — which involves working inwards, focusing on breath, and stillness of the mind. You'll find her relishing alongside you in flow and stretch classes. She hopes to offer accessible yoga to anyone and everyone. Throughout, she believes that she is first a yoga student, then a yoga teacher.

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Miao’s personal practice and teachings are rooted in bringing balance to physical health and mental well-being. She believes in taking a holistic approach to yoga; going beyond the postures by incorporating mindfulness and translate on-mat insights into living a better, wholesome life.

She is committed to helping students of all ages and backgrounds strengthen their bodies and develop flexibility while receiving the relaxation benefits of the practice. Miao is a strong advocate of the mantra ‘Progress Over Perfection’; her true joy lies in helping students achieve milestones and progress in their practice.

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For Bulan, yoga is serendipity to discover herself again. Bali dance as a moving meditation has been part of her family tradition that she had been practicing since at an early age. However this practice was forgotten when she moved to a modern city and juggling work in the corporate world. She found her soul and spirit back through yoga where it became her safe space.

Influenced by sudarshan kriya and pranayama practice, she believes that breathing is a tool to connect between body and mind. Her delivery of classes will emphasise on breath awareness and letting others experience themselves to accept what every asana has to offer.

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Jasmine discovered yoga during her teenage years, but it was only in recent years that she began practicing more regularly, realising that yoga is much more than a form of exercise. The connection to the breath is central to Jasmine’s practice, bringing her profound happiness and calmness whenever she is on the mat. Yoga has guided her on a journey of self-exploration, helping her find her true self, and she is eager to share this joy with others. In her classes, Jasmine encourages students to practice mindfully and to step onto the mat with an open heart and mind.


Hui Shan

Hui Shan's relationship with yoga evolved from being a means to mitigate chronic backpain due to scoliosis & slipped disc, to being a way of life — a holistic practice encompassing physical wellness and mindfulness of breath, emotions and thoughts. 

She loves a good hatha, vinyasa flow as part of her regular practice, but her struggle with chronic burnouts at work spurred her to specialize in meditation and restorative yoga, which helped her find a deep state of calm from within. She hopes to share this same gift of physical and mental balance with people around her.

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